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Gutter cleaning Toledo ohio


Keeping your gutters clean and free from debris is very important as it ensures that water properly drains off your roof to avoid any potential damage to your home and its foundation. If your gutters aren’t functioning properly and water isn’t routed away from your home’s exterior and groundwork, then over time you are putting yourself at risk for foundation deterioration and/or settling, basement flooding, siding issues/discoloration, fascia damage and erosion to surrounding outdoor spaces. In certain instances, roof leaks can be a result of improperly maintained eavestroughs causing water damage inside your home. All the above outcomes caused by unmanaged roof drainage, can be very costly to repair and have the potential to significantly reduce the value of your home or structure.

Keep Water Drainage Away from Foundation and Basement

Basement flooding and foundation water damage is the last thing a homeowner wants to experience with their home. As the old saying goes.. “A home is only as strong its foundation” couldn’t be more true when considering the proper drainage of your gutter system. If water from your room isn’t channeled away from the perimeter of your home, then over time you can experience foundation cracking, foundation sinking, basement walls caving in and basement flooding. Keeping your home’s foundation in excellent condition should be a top priority for all homeowners as this provides peace of mind and helps to maintain the value of your home.

Prevent Landscape Damage

Landscaping can also be harmed by excess water exposure and mulch can wash away in certain conditions if your gutters aren’t cleaned regularly. Washing away of soil and/or mulch can disturb the sensitive root systems of many types of plants. Root exposure can also occur if water flow isn’t properly managed. Excess water can also have an adverse effect on certain plants, shrubs, and trees. If a plant is in a low spot where water doesn't drain properly, it can potentially harm (and in some cases kill) your prized landscape vegetation.

Avoid Unwanted Pests

In some instances where gutters are neglected and have excess debris, this can create a breeding ground for all sorts of unwanted guests such as insects, birds and rodents that can potentially move into homes and create unsanitary conditions. If it gets to this point, the homeowner may be forced to turn to an exterminator. Just remember this can be easily avoided if you stay on top of your gutters with a planned cleaning schedule every year.

Maintain Your Gutters and They will Last a Lifetime

Keeping your gutters free from blockage will actually increase the lifespan of your gutters as this reduces the wear and tear caused by debris that can weigh down and eventually cause your gutters to pull away and detach from your fascia boards. If excess weight occurs, gaps can also form between your gutters and fascia where unwanted water can flow directly onto your home’s siding creating additional problem areas.

Drop us a line today and we will make sure your gutters are properly maintained to avoid all the potential (and costly) issues above!

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