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Gutter Repair Toledo ohio


Keeping your gutters in tip-top shape not only ensures proper roof water drainage, it also increases the curb appeal and value of your home. For your gutters to be operate properly, the entire system needs to free from breaks and deterioration. If one section of your gutter is “out of order” then you’re putting yourself at risk for potential basement flooding, foundation damage, home exterior issues and landscape damage/erosion. Having a ‘break’ in your gutter line not only creates water damage situations, it also can look unsightly and take away from your (or a potential buyer’s) peace of mind when looking at your home.

Gutter Cracks

At first glance your gutters may appear to be in good, working condition. However, unless you’re able to closely examine your entire system, there’s a possibility that your gutters may some unseen issues that can turn into a bigger problem down the road (or sooner.) Take for instance, there is a small crack located on one of your gutter sections, but water isn’t leaking that noticeably or at all. If you don’t happen to notice this, or if you just let it go, you run the risk of this small crack unexpectedly turning into a big crack or worse a break. If this happens, let’s say during a heavy downfall of rain, then you could potentially have a disastrous flooding/property damage situation on your hands.

Gutter Rust

The paint used on gutters today are designed withstands the heavy elements of every season. Even with this heavy-duty paint, if a gutter isn’t properly maintained or installed and it retains water, you can run the risk of peeling paint that can turn into rust. If flaking paint or gutter rust is something your notice – give us a call and we can walk you through your potential solutions.

Gutter Sag or Pulling Away from House

If you notice any section of your gutter system sagging or pulling away from your house, then you may have a part of your system that needs repaired. When gutters sag or pull away, this typically is caused by one of the following: a blockage, improper installation or a new gutter system that isn’t compatible with your home.

If your gutter system isn’t performing properly or needs maintenance – give us a call today!

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