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gutter Cleaning

Is it that time of year to get your gutters cleaned again? Do you have repairs that you’ve been putting off? Or do you need to have a new gutter system installed? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then look no further because Toledo Gutter Cleaning is your one-stop-shop for all these areas. Keeping your gutters in tip-top shape is very important to ensure you have proper water drainage from the exterior and foundation of your home or building. We have experience with all types and sizes of systems and, depending on your needs, our services will fit the bill. Our pricing is reasonable, and we offer flexible scheduling because we understand that your time is valuable. Every roof drainage system is unique, and our experience gives us the knowledge to make sure we give you the best service and product possible. It’s easy to forget that your roof needs attention throughout the year, so we also offer year-round preventative maintenance packages to keep your gutters performing at their best and to avoid potentially costly repairs.

new gutter installation

Whether you need gutter replacement on a new building construction project or if you need your current gutters replaced, we handle all types and sizes of jobs at reasonable prices. With every new installation, it’s very important that the installer you choose to work with has a detailed checklist in place prior to beginning the job. We take a comprehensive approach to all our installs and this ensures our finished product is first-rate. We take roof pitch, size, and length into consideration when selecting the size of each run. If we’re working on multi-tiered, complex roof designs, there are numerous different water drainage aspects that need to be part of the overall schematic. For instance, interconnected downspouts may be necessary to properly direct water from different sections of a roof. If there’s a specific roof section that is exposed to heavy rains, then a larger size section may be required to accommodate the heavier water loads. Proper leveling is also important to avoid standing water which can freeze and cause significant damage. Fascia condition is also an area we inspect when installing a new system. If there’s hidden wood rot, then this will affect the long-term integrity of any new install. It’s also essential that your roof flashing creates a proper seal. Our thoroughness and attention to detail is what separates us from our competition, and we take pride in every job we take on.

gutter repair

Over time, the outdoor elements will eventually take a toll on both roofs and gutters. Debris and leaves are some of the main culprits for causing wear and tear. Heavy snowfalls can also wreak havoc - even on brand new systems. If water doesn’t drain properly, the weight of heavy rains and freezing ice can cause gutters to pull away from fascia boards creating potential water damage conditions. High winds can also pull downspouts, if not securely attached, away from the exterior of your building. Depending on the type of gutters you have, they can develop rust and cracks which if not addressed can create more costly issues to the exterior and foundation of your home down the road. On older homes, we sometimes come across deteriorating fascia boards that need to be replaced or risk gutters sagging or detaching from the exterior. Whatever problem area you may have, we’ve come across just about every type of repair job imaginable. Just remember, it’s always best to take care of any issue early rather than letting it go otherwise you risk a much more expensive repair down the road.  Let us know how we can help!

preventative maintenance

We know first-hand that it’s not always easy to remember to keep an eye on your gutter system to make sure it is maintained and in working properly. Many homeowners can’t even reach their gutters to see if they are blocked by debris or have any damaged sections. If neglected, you risk a potentially larger repair cost down the road. Our preventative maintenance service package gives you peace of mind that your system will remain in solid working order for the lifetime of your home. It’s important to have your gutters inspected annually as leaves continue to fall and the winter elements can cause unseen issues if they are left unattended. Heavy snowfalls can potentially put excessive amounts of weight on your system and, if not addressed, can pull away sections away from your home’s fascia. Ice can block downspouts and can create a backup if left unattended. We’ve even come across different types of animal nests made possible by blocked gutter conditions. If you choose to go with our expert service package, you’re essentially taking the guesswork and risk out of this part of your home maintenance.

Chris thomas

“Toledo Gutter Cleaning is my go-to company every Fall when my gutters need the leaves cleaned out. They are great to work with and they've always done a great job.”



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